what motivation could the refs have had?

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL football talk

There's a lot of complainers out there who think that the refs handed the
game to Pittsburgh. There were some questionable calls and non-calls. I'm
not saying there wasn't. But questionable calls have occurred in every NFL
game ever played. And there were questionable calls and non-calls against
both teams, IMHO.

So my question to the complainers is this. Why would the refs purposely and
so obviously (in your opinion) show bias against the Seahawks? Were they
ordered to do so by the league or is this something they decided to do on
their own?

If they were ordered to do so by the league, were they given extra money or
were they threatened with dismissal if they balked?

If this is something they did on their own, then why? Did they have a bet
down on the Steelers? Were they secret Steeler fans? Did they just want the
fans, the majority of whom were clearly rooting for Pittsburgh, to love
them? Didn't they know that they were facing jailtime if their conspiracy
was ever discovered?

I'd like some of the conspiracy-theorist to explain this to me.

Organized crime paid them. Conspiracy?? Yes. Shitsburg lost. Deal with
Shitsburg may have lost but Pittsburgh won so I suggest you deal with it.