Steely McBeam an NFL creation?

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Ed Bouchette seems to imply that it might be (see the last sentence):

Ed Bouchette's daily question

Saturday, August 11, 2007
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


With the overwhelmingly negative response to the new Steelers mascot,
Steely McBeam, is there any possibility that the Steelers organization
would consider canning him this season? Personally, I don't think he
should make it through the first round of cuts!

Ian Garrett, Jacksonville, Fla.

BOUCHETTE: You mean like New Coke, which lasted about 10 minutes after
the public overwhelmingly rejected it? The old Terrible Fan, conceived
by a fan who wore the costume in the stands to games, wasn't bad and
even though he was not official, the Steelers tolerated him back in
the 1970s and through much of the 1980s (I believe he retired). Stevie
Steeler, forced on the Steelers by the NFL, wasn't around long. We'll
see how long the NFL-inspired Terrible Mascot -- oops, Steely McBeam
(me up?) -- lasts.

The name is by far the worst part, and the blame for it falls squarely
on the Rooneys. But, if the NFL applied any pressure on the
organization to create a mascot, I call Bullshit on Goodell too.
Ravens are gay
I dunno man, Steely has an uncanny resemblance to The Thing of
Fantastic Four fame. He might just be able to put a whoopin' on
Edgar, Allan, & Poe. ;)