Semi-OT Football Survey Question

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL football talk

Will the Cheatriots* :

1) Come back strong, or even stronger, next season and win the SB.

2) Make the Playoffs, but get booted there.

3) Do like most SB L-O-S-E-R-S and go 8-8 or worse.


I think an almighty CRASH is in their future my self.
well, it looks like they're gonna lose Tedy, Rodney, Junior, and
probably Moss too once that shitstain returns to form and starts his
bitchin', which won't take long now that's he blew his "big paycheck"
game. Maroney's used up and now Willie Andrews will probably be in
jail or rehab.
Belichick looks like he's gonna be gone too once the Feds are through
with him. adios cockroach.

I think 8-8 is being optimistic...