Pittsburgh Steelers NFL football talk

I have just recently added the foxsports nets to my directv package.I
mainly got it for the Steeler coverage.Anyway I waswatching Savran on
sportsbeat.Does Savran tell it like it is or is he a yes man?
He's just an idiot
Sounds like a Madden fan.

No knock on Mark...he's an entertainment genius...just his listeners.
I think Mark would agree. says...

Entertainment genius....right. I can't stand to hear that blob open his
piehole. Madden makes Savran look like the best sportscaster ever in
See my reply to 62.

I can't stand him either, but, just because we choose to ignore him
doesn't mean that he isn't extremely good at what he does. The fact
is that, even though he's disgusting loudmouth, he gets big ratings.
That's the definition of an entertainment genius IMHO. says...

Well, maybe. I think his ratings are high because there is no
competition. It's the only station that's all sports that I know of.
When I worked downtown, I listened to WEAE on the way home simply because
it was the only station talking sports from 5-6 pm. But then again,
there is a sizeable population that seems to like listening to bloated
ignoramuses on the radio.
Entertainment genius my ass. I stopped listening to that station completely
when they renewed his show... he's a fat jackass.

I couldn't believe that WTAE TV tried to counter Smiling Andy with that
buffoon, either. I used to attempt to watch their sports segments on days
where I needed no real new news or insights (just because I like the regular
news team) but found that it was intolerable even at that because of
slobbering loudmouth. Ch 4 is looking for a new sports dept head as a
result, it appears.

Some entertainment genius... folks turning off the radio for good and the
guys who hire him moved to their 'life's work'.
I never watch local news and wasn't aware that he was ever on Channel satement applies to WEAE radio 1250 (Formerly WTAE radio)
Look...I don't like or listen to Madden... I listen to Savran if I
listen to sports radio at all. But that said, his ratings are
incredible for a two-bit station (which, even with its ESPN
affiliation, it is).
Yeah but he's are idiot.
Maybe so, but I bet he knows the difference between "are" & "our".
So he's an idiot with correct grammar.
Most talk show hosts are idiots