No excuse but

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL football talk

There is no excuse to use for todays performance by the defense. We all
know that this game was going to be one of those games that one team is
going to pull out at the end. 6 lead changes tell the tale.

Now to a serious note, If I am a coach or even the Rooneys I would put
an immediate stop to all the radio talk show visits, the TV interviews,
the bullshit pieces being done by all the networks everything comes to
stop NOW. I realize this type of thing goes on with success but I truly
believe it is now getting in the way of how much the players are

I don't buy the fact that the players are tired, I don't buy the fact of
injuries, but I cannot stand it when everyone is booking their hotel
rooms for Florida.

This team needs to pull in the reigns and begin to realize where they
are headed and one small slip up will cost you when the playoffs begin.

In my book a win is a win whether by one point or by 50 but the fact of
the matter is when you are in this position a better focussed team will
win overall, not one tied down by all this bullshit exposure.

This seems a bit contradictory, but I'll let it slide.

I like it, Ripp. Coaching definitely needs to stress the importance of focus
at this point and that would be an excellent means of doing so.

Well, I certainly don't have access to each teams hotel bookings, but it's
my understanding that this is typical procedure by every team every season.

It *would* be rather embarassing to wait until you are definitely there to
make your reservations only to find out that the closest available hotel
rooms are in a roach motel two hours away from the stadium.

Agreed. Our offense isn't the problem. The defense does need to wake up so
we can start winning by those 30 point deficits that everyone is screaming

Well said...