New Season - Same old trolls

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL football talk

Gotta love it --- 15 regular season wins from a team picked to have no more
than 8 in pre-season polls, and still getting dissed from trolls of teams
that couldn't qualify for the BCS championship. Welcome to the new NFL

Black & Gold rules
heh... that's exactly how I see it. I was going to be happy with 9 & 7, and
instead got the best regular season ever in the AFC. And some people
bitched about not going to the Superbowl. Now, I do understand the
frustration, and I do understand the disappointment. Totally.

But the season was not supposed to amount to anything and we got the "Year
of Ben," James Harrison's coming out, Chris Hoke stepping up, and a
fantastic season... IMO.

And now the team looks better to me than the 2002 team that was supposed to
go to the Superbowl. Yeah Plastico is gone... so what? He was over-rated
and didn't make that may big plays that ARE or Fred Gibson or maybe Cedric
Wilson can't make. His height never helped him make a catch that I recall
and he wasn't all that fast - his RAC was pathetic. And Ross? That article
that made the incredibly stupid statement that Starks can't replace Ross was
obviously written by someone who never saw Ross play. Starks can easily
replace and exceed Ross... hell, Brooks probably can. And I believe Chris
Kemo is going to be hard for Simmons to keep out of his slot. And now Ben
is a play-off experienced veteran with as much actual under-pressure game
experience, and media attention experience, as many starting QB's with 2 or
3 years experience. And who knows what a TE like Miller can do to help him.
If Duce stays relatively healthy and Bettis plays close to like he did last
season when called on, and Hines plays his typical game and either (or both)
Gibson or Wilson, not to mention ARE (or Cobb), step up... it could be just
like 1995... but with a better QB.

I am looking forward to a good season of Steeler football. Superbowl or no,
I feel something special coming. Just like last season was special. I'd
love a Superbowl victory, but if we can't have that then a lot of winning
games is the next best thing. Sure as hell beats losing all the time like
the bungles, the brownstains, and even the rats (whose lone "glory moment"
is a fading memory and have since returned to being the Steelers bitches
where they belong.)