Getto City Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL football talk

Have no punt returner.
Oh, how far the trolls have fallen. They've resorted to bashing our punt
returners now. I wonder how many teams are only worried about filling the
vaunted punt returner postion. Not many.
Not one for pointing out spelling errors but... "Getto" worthy of
a dishonorable mention considering the posters apparent purpose ;)

Guess that is why they must remain anonymous.

RävNsfän ®

"Talk is cheap..., lets go play"
(Johnny Unitas - Baltimore Colts)
The Getto City Steelers have no punt returner, Mr. Brian Allen, has no
life, LJSteelerman has no clue! lol FM...
...and you aren't very smart! Quit cross posting! Or I will turn you
over to...

I'm going to put you out of business--permanently.
Your trolling days are over. etc. etc.

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