Fan Sacrifices

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL football talk

Tommy Maddox is finished in this Town. We no longer have to watch him
make the stupid mistakes and beg for more money. Ben is getting better
every game he plays and this is the end of the Tommy Maddox era. Tommy
Maddox is a fucking joke and he got his Elbow pulled out of socket
because he can't read defenses. The guy should be selling his bootie
to horny parolies instead of trying to play NFL Football.

I am so glad I have to watch your stupid ass throw interceptions over
and over again. YOu have used your race for the last time in this
I have to say Ben is truly amazing,being from NC I did not know who he was.I
was hoping we would get Phil Rivers in the draft but after hearing phil bitch
about $$$$$ IM glad we got Ben. Go STEELERS I would love to see teams fear us
again. I think it might take a while but they can do it.
No team will fear us with this defense.