Chris Hope sums it all up perfectly

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL football talk

Steelers safety Chris Hope threw a bouquet at Bill Belichick and the New
England coaching staff. "I definitely think they adjusted to some of our
pressures at halftime. That's what good teams do that are well coached."
the Steelers threw this game it obvious
too reiterate!!!!!

keep smokin' that pipe of illusion!

sorry, it wasn't given, it was taken!!!

the phenom Parker and the great OL oh, and that great blitz burg defense
... ha!

thank your lucky stars you're team is in a perennial cupcake division
(although I think Cinnci will give you a real run for your money this
year ....finally). they played 2 weeks of JV ball and ran up the numbers
but last night it was time to face off with the big boys and despite the
gifts of key injuries, turnovers, penalties and an offense still
searching for an identity what part of this make you even think it was
given away??? (although, Randel did about the stupidest thing I've seen
in years.)

total yards: NE 426 Pitt 269
passing: NE 346 Pitt 190
running: NE 80 Pitt 79
first downs: NE 24 Pitt 14

except for the run game which is suppose to be the Squeelers forte',
those numbers are flirting with dominance.
You have every reason to be proud of your team and even to gloat a bit.
You've said nothing that isn't true.

Congrats to the Patriots on a gutsy win.

We, as Steeler fans, can only hope the Steelers *somehow* once again
overcome Cowhead and get to the Playoffs in order to possibly have another
shot at the Patriots. Not that there's any reason to think Cowhead could
devise a gameplan (those of us who are intelligent and can observe without
yellow-tinted shades wonder if Cowhead even knows what a game plan is, much
less when it's time to throw that gameplan out the window) that could defeat
the Pats in an important game at this point.

Anyway, with the last drive by both teams, at least it was a fairly exciting
game in the end. Far more so than it should have been. With all the breaks
the Patriots gave the Steelers, not to mention the key injuries, you have to
be honest and confess some worry there for a awhile. Until the second half
demolition that is. And even then, Ben ate up that secondary (finally) to
tie the score. It was Cowhead who, once again, made sure to snatch defeat
from the jaws of potential victory. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand
that Tom Brady had a lot to do with it too. It's just that Tom was probably
on the sideline while the Steelers were scoring that last time, thinking:
"OK, go ahead and score but just leave me a minute to go right down for a
winning FG." Which is exactly what happened and I doubt Tom was the least
bit concerned the whole time.

I mean afterall, has Tom Brady not calmly done this to almost every team, no
matter how good they were supposed to be, in the league over the last 4
years? In my book, we all are watching the career of an unquestionable
first ballot HOF'er in Tom Brady.

If the Patriots aren't the Dynasty of the new millennium, then Katrina is
just a chick "walkin' on sunshine."

And in case any non-Steeler fan, or Steeler fan, thinks otherwise, I LOVE
the Steelers and have since the beginning of the Superbowl 70's. I bleed
black and gold. I've got the collectibles, the autographed training camp
paraphernalia, the custom designed and rare t-shirts... all the Steelers
"stuff." I'm with the TEAM come hell or high water. But let's be real;
Cowhead is the weak link of this team, a joke really, and the Patriots ARE a
true dynasty and a far superior team than the Steelers at this point in
time... and the Pats have been superior for several years now.
believe me, I really wasn't gloating all that much. its amazing how many
teams have beat themselves over the last 5 years when they play the
Pats. I give your team credit, they use to be the prime example of a
team that said they weren't beat but lost it themselves. you didn't hear
that kind of talk coming out of them this week before or after the game.
who was it that said that the first time in '01 .... that the sometimes
the best team doesn't always win?

so, its a little touchy sugject even 5 years later especially from a
Steelers fan. last night, to even delude oneself into thinking they gave
the game away given the stats .... well, I thought he could use a
reminder, one for each time he said it. plus, he was having fun all week
over in our neck of the woods so he deserve a little friendly ribbing.
ok, maybe it was a little gloating as I have to admit even I didn't
think they had that game in them ... again! and when Harrison and Light
went down, Starks before that I figured it was all over. but, they never
cease to amaze us and if only we fans could have the kind of stones
those guys have. but alas, my defense, the RedSux mentalities permeates
and bombards all that is sports mentality in this region.
Coaching is part of the game. Pats got the best coach ever. I am willing to
wager Belicheck is the best coach of all time. I have admired him even
before he won his first SB and regular readers of this newsgroup are
probably tired of me praising him. For him to get his team to remain
mentally tough with a DECIMATED secondary full of players who would have
trouble starting for some teams is simply amazing. Rodney Harrison is the
best secondary player for both sides and he was out. Ty Law signs somewhere
else. No problem.

Talent is a moot issue. I believe Steelers have more talent in the secondary
especially with Rodney Harrison out for the Patriots. But what is the use?
THey don't play better. This is what's great about the NFL. Mental ability
counts. This is not baseball.