Anyone notice....

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL football talk

Hmmm, run Parker around the outside a few times....Willie gains well over
100 yds. Pound him up the gut again and 100 yd games.

Gosh, what's next....Willie on shuttle passes? Screen passes? Dumps in the

Oh the horror.

I just don't see what you are talking about. The Steelers run 90% of their
plays between the tackles. All of Parker's big runs that I can remember all
the way back to week one were the exact same as all his no gains...they were
an off tackle run that he was able to turn the corner on or the inside was
blocked and he was able to bounce. Same with Bettis and all his calls that
you guys say he's running outside. They were between tackle runs where
nothing was there that he then tries to bounce outside. There's nothing
special about the playcalling for Bettis or Parker.

If I had the energy I'd take screenshots of all of Parkers runs and show you
that there isn't much difference between what they called week 1-2 and those
that they called weeks 3-5. The difference is his having a chance to bounce
some outside based on poor defense and then you guys unexplicably saying
"see, he's running outside and he makes a gain!"
I can't understand how you are seeing this. How many times after the two
games have we been pointing out Parkers runs. For example in this game
there were several runs outside. His TD run was outside, and I say outside
not just where Parker runs, but where I see the Oline blocking. Sealing off
the outside lanes, collapsing the rush inside and WP breaking outside. It
was a step up the gut to sell the run, then it was full on outside. Several
runs this game were ran way outside by bouncing involved. I saw
none of this the last several games...but I saw it in game 1 and 2. I have
them recorded too.

IMO, Not at all, you run Parker outside and it makes it easier to run up the
gut because now the D fears the outside runs and they have a tendancy to
ready themselves for the outside run and it's easier for our linemen to open
holes up the gut. Keep running him up the gut (game 3-5) and they don't
budge. Find me a run outside in game 3-5 where you SEE a Parker run to the
outside, where the line is sealing off the edges. Titans run defense isn't
a stinker, they gave up 3 rush tds, and held everyone under 100 yds cept for
Dominick Davis...that's Lewis, Faulk/Jackson, Edge.

But you are right about "nothing special", since I am seeing Heath Miller on
Screen and Shuttle passes. WTF is up with that?

You can't call outside runs with any consistency. The defense has a massive
impact on where the ball-carrier goes - you simply can't *will* your OL to
close a line to the sidelines. That is unless you're suggesting PIT shifts
to a student-body-left, student-body-right running game... and there's not a
team in the league with the players capable of pulling that off (except
perhaps whoever plays SF each week).

If an outside run isn't setup (i.e. in what looks like a passing situation
or similar) the greater problem with outside runs is for every run you
break, you end up with a negative return. Trying to run to the outside on
first with any consistency leads to too many 2nd and 14's, with not enough
12+ yard runs to compensate. They're high-risk runs leading to situations
that force the offensive to play higher risk. That's the antithesis of the
entire offense.

The "outside" runs we often see are as bbodin mentioned, those that the
defense allow. If you want him to run outside the tackles, the play had
better be setup exceptionally well - and there's not too many times a game
you can pull that off.